Shiba Inu becomes stuck in a bush, but continues to smile as if nothing had occurred


When you get yourself into difficulty, do you recall the moments when you recognize it?

This Shiba Inu pet’s response is not at all indicative of shame, regret, or any other bad feelings that may follow.

He is stranded in a jungle, yet he puts on a positive spin and simply grins at fate, choosing not to be disheartened.

On August 17, Japanese user @yamamochi223 of Twitter just so happened to be there and captured some images to share with the world.

The adorable doggie’s face will remain in your mind long after they have been removed.

After all, we may enjoy ourselves and gain new knowledge from each experience, right?

I’m hoping no one sees me. “Oh, no. Fast and easy. Put on a huge, broad smile. How are you today? Such a beautiful day.

“Don’t worry; I’m still hanging on. I’ll be alright. That’s right, take it easy.

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