Seeing the man in the wheelchair, the children stop their father and ask for help


We should never underestimate children because sometimes they can teach us more than we think. Most of the time, they are the ones who make us think more about some aspects of life that we had not considered.

Various stories prove that children can be more generous with their actions.

The heroes of this story are Daniel’s children. He can be very proud of his children who invited him to stop the moment they saw from their car a gentleman in a wheelchair struggling to clear the snow from his driveway.

One cold winter day they were returning home when they witnessed that incident. Even though the children were still very young, they felt compelled to go and help a stranger.

Daniel was truly a wonderful parent as his children grow up to be compassionate and willing to help others at such a young age, we are sure they will continue to be wonderful people into adulthood.

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