Rare biracial twins after 6 years


The birth of twins is always a double joy for parents. Usually they are born a few minutes apart. However, this birth was a rare occurrence. Children inherited different skin colors from their parents.

The mom posted pictures of her beautiful girls online and they instantly became famous. Such an extraordinary miracle of genetics is truly amazing. The girls were born in America. Their father is African-American and their mother is Caucasian.

One was born with dark skin and dark eyes and the other girl was born with light skin and light eyes. When people accidentally meet twins, they can’t believe their eyes, because they look completely different.

The growth of the girls is now being followed by many subscribers of the mother. It is very interesting to see how the sisters will change with age.

Despite the fact that they are twins, each of them leads their own life, they have their own taste, they are engaged in different activities.

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