Poor pup was left in forest with all his belongings waits for somebody to see him


A good Samaritan found Hank in the woods when he was only 8 months old, but he didn’t look like a puppy at all.

The lone dog, seemingly unfazed by the newcomer’s approach, remained perfectly still on an old dog bed instead of running around the forest with youthful excitement.

His face indicated a desperate need for assistance as he was surrounded by old toys and a dog food bag that he was unable to open.

Hank was rescued right away by staff members of the local animal shelter when the good Samaritan called them.

Since he was in survival mode, they were concerned that he might become aggressive during the rescue, but they were pleased to discover that he had a different demeanor.

The Dodo was informed by Humans and Animals United founder Rosa Fond that “he was nothing but love from the moment they got him.” He is regarded as the sweetest dog by all.

Hank was taken to the veterinarian by shelter staff after they saved him, where they discovered that he had a broken leg. Doctors say Hank had this injury for more than two weeks before he was saved.

That is the reason he never moved from his bed in the forest, they said. The pain was just too much.

Because Hank’s injury required extensive surgery, the shelter sought assistance from Humans and Animals United. Fond readily agreed to take him into their care and provide him with the urgently required medical treatment.

She took the little guy to a neighborhood veterinary clinic, where he’s at a tad. Hank’s booked to have his extraordinary medical procedure soon however needs to acquire a tad of weight first.

He is enjoying the daily affection and cuddles from the veterinary staff in the interim.

Since Humans and Animals United posted about Hank on their Facebook page, adoption requests have been pouring in, but Fond claims that no one has been chosen yet.

Fond stated, “He’s gonna have a little bit of a journey to go through before he’s fully adoptable.” However, he is now secure and will never be harmed again.