Our kitty pals couldn’t be happier that people are purchasing IKEA’s doll beds for their kitties


IKEA undoubtedly didn’t foresee the bed Duktig becoming a hugely popular kitten bed when they first introduced it because dolls are truly intended to sleep in the tiny wooden bed.

The elegant and fashionable doll beds, though, have been proven to make great beds, and today innumerable cats have their very own small “human bed” to lie on.

And IKEA is entirely on board with this inventive reuse; they even sent Duktig beds to a sanctuary so that the rescued kitties would have cozy bedding! That is absolutely adorable!

Making the tiny ittens’ beds as cozy and lovely as they can for them is a tremendous amount of fun, and plenty of people have been posting images of their furry loved ones lounging in their lovely new beds.

We’ve gathered a few of our favorites, and we hope you’ll like these original bedding ideas!

Let’s show some love to these beauties. I am sure they deserve it.

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