Newborn baby was eventually adopted months after being found in a box. The couple named it an answer to their prayers…


The Indiana police officer Bruce Faltynski and his wife Shelby completed the adoption of their 8-year-old daughter Kaia in March 2022, fulfilling their lifelong dream of having a child of their own.

However, they were unaware that this was only the beginning of their journey toward having not one, but two children.

A few weeks after Kaia was officially adopted by them, the Department of Child Services (DCS) contacted them to inform them of a newborn who required a home.

When DCS contacted them, the infant was less than 24 hours old. In the end, a safe haven box was used to house the infant.

According to The Indianapolis Star, Indiana’s Safe Haven Law permits a person to anonymously surrender a newborn under 30 days old without fear of detention or prosecution.

Safe Haven Boxes aims to “prevent illegal abandonment of infants by raising awareness, providing a 24-hour helpline for mothers in trouble.”

The Safe Haven Baby Boxes are a last resort for mothers who desire complete anonymity.

“The doctor thought maybe less than 24 hours old when she was initially deposited in the safe haven box in Lake County,” Shelby stated in an interview.

We are extremely grateful to Myah’s birth mother; Myah was initially admitted to a hospital’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), where she reportedly had a stroke.

“She made a truly brave choice.” Myah’s adoption by Bruce and Shelby will be finalized in court on Adoption Day in St. Joseph’s County in November 2022, one of those days that expectant parents eagerly anticipate.

Shelby says that Myah is proof that there are many ways for mothers to have children. She added, however, that the addition to their family was like the answer to a prayer.

She went on to say that she hoped Myah’s mother would consider her and her husband to be an answer to prayer now that the latter’s daughter had settled in with them.

I just get the impression that mothers are aware of the options available to them. Shelby told WLKY News Louisville that Myah was unquestionably a response to our prayers, and it’s possible that we also answered the prayers of her mother.

The two individuals expressed their gratitude for the numerous blessings that they have received. “I think we just feel overwhelmed with thankfulness,” the couple stated.

They went on to say, “I believe that is how it has been a journey of just, you know, giving up our ambitions.” The Faltynskis had to wait a long time, but it was definitely worth it.