Missing girl jumps into officer’s arms after her K9 partner finds her


A four-year-old girl disappeared in the forest, and the officer went to look for her with his service dog, fortunately, through joint work, they managed to bring her home, and this story still reminds us once the amazing qualities of dogs.

The incident happened in the forest of Manitoba, when the young girl got lost in the forest while playing with her dog. It was in the rural commune of La Brocquer, where even an adult would not want to go there alone.

Rena’s mother, Elvira Harty, says her daughter is adventurous and really loves her dog. They called the special service employees, who started the search. With the help of the dog, they found the little girl in fifteen minutes.

The poor child had been missing for over an hour, and it seemed like an eternity. Finally, the mother calmed down. It was a situation no mother wanted to be in. The child was also scared, but luckily he was not injured.

The mother was extremely grateful that the special services employees saved the child’s life and brought him to a safe place.