Miley the Dalmatian mother dog set a new world record giving birth to 18 puppies


When a dog is pregnant, we want to know in advance how many puppies will be born, because in the end, that number can affect everything. Maybe we need help to care for them or something else.

Cecilia and her husband were very excited when they found out that Miley was pregnant.

Her vet predicted a litter of 3 puppies, but the mother dog’s belly was obviously bigger than that.

Therefore, it soon turned out that Miley’s litter was undoubtedly more than three puppies, for which there is no need to blame the veterinarian.

Maybe he was working with faulty equipment, or he’s not specialized in prenatal care. Whatever happened, it just took everyone by surprise.

Instead of 3, Miley gave birth to 18, also setting a world record. It was the largest litter of dogs ever born, as the average Dalmatian litter has eight or ten puppies.

Also, for a dog’s first pregnancy, she usually gives birth to fewer puppies than average, however, the dog was quite happy and satisfied.

This scene immediately reminds of the movie 10 Dalmations and their family is all compared to the dogs of the famous Disney movie.

The whole birthing process took a total of 13 hours and 12 females and 6 males were born.

Because there are so many little ones, the couple helps the mother dog in taking care of the puppies until they would be old enough to eat on their own.

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