Meet Enzo, the cute Golden Retriever with a “tiny freckle” who is taking Instagram by storm


Although Enzo is gregarious, silly, and affectionate like any other Golden Retriever puppy, a unique genetic abnormality helps him distinguish him from the rest.

He has a massive black spot over the side of his face which his parents refers to as his “little freckle,” due to a condition called pigmented somatic cell mutations, which he was born with.

Fortunately for Enzo, the illness doesn’t cause any harm or risk; instead, it only changes the pattern of his coat.

A “modifier gene” gives golden retrievers their characteristic golden color; otherwise, they are born with a black coat.

His DNA lacks that specific gene, which is why a portion of his face appears black.

He has a distinctive appearance due to his “birthmark,” and he loves it. We can understand why he’s swiftly gaining popularity on Insta under the name mister.enzoviola.

That gorgeous face is impossible to resist. See how he demonstrates that it is our flaws that make us brilliant in the images below.

He stands out because of his freckle. That is, distinctly adorable!

He may not be quite as distinct from the inside of other golden retrievers as he may appear to be.

He enjoys having fun and playing with his folks. He’s engaged in a tug of war right here!

Enzo is unique for more reasons than just his birthmark. For his age, he is also incredibly large.

But internally, he’s still just a tiny doggie.

Does he now have more freckles? No, he was simply having fun in the mud!

He is a generally content and amiable young man who enjoys making new acquaintances.

Although he occasionally gets into a little trouble. That sock drawer has to be locked!

With his charming freckle, this little gentleman is tough to resist. Enzo, we adore you!