Little pups wants to play, but his pig brother wants to be left all alone


Pepper the pig and Bandit the dog enjoy playing together. Pepper, on the other hand, sometimes just wants to be left alone.

However, Bandit doesn’t know what personal space is and thinks that every moment is playtime. Will Pepper get some alone time, or will he give in and play with his dog friend?

Pepper the pig spends winter days digging around in the yard in search of hidden treats while wearing a stylish jacket.

Bandit the dog, on the other hand, enjoys playing outside no matter the weather. Our two heroes engage in conflict as a result of this. Which adorable animal’s schemes will prevail?

It turns out that Pepper doesn’t like being by himself as much as he thought he did. He rushes over to play with Bandit when his rooting is finished and there is not enough dirt for him to sink his teeth into.

Bandit, on the other hand, starts joking around and running after his pet pig along the fence. It turns out that outside time is better spent together.