He is the last dog to leave the sanctuary, and he is super happy to go home


Capone the doggie resided at a sanctuary for several years. He walked for another seven years without ever finding his owners.

He was able to build relationships with a number of the animals in the shelter.

Adoption was not too difficult, though, because these pups were young and small.

While he did locate his owners a few years ago, he didn’t remain with them for very long, and as a result, he was returned to the shelter.

The dog was first reticent to interact with anyone, but with time he built up trust with the staff members at the rescue.

The staff at the shelter did everything they could to assist him in finding homes.

Their efforts led to the frequent posting of his images on social media.

The canine was adopted by the couple. When they arrived at the shelter to bring him up, even a pendant with her name on it was prepared.

The shelter staff were concerned about Capone’s adaptability, but it was clear from their first meeting that the doggie was thrilled to have new owners.

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