Five years ago, a woman left her 26-year-old spouse and their 7 children


The likelihood of a father being a widower increases if he raises his children alone.

Mikhail, however, a 36-year-old man, doesn’t suit that description; instead, his story is far more commonplace: his wife decided to divorce him after 13 years of marriage because she fell in love with the neighbor.

Ksenia decided to stay with Mikhail and his seven puppies, when the majority of moms would have departed with their kids.

Because they both went to the same university, Mikhail and Ksenia were familiar with one another. They were only 22 and 23 years old respectively when they got married.

The couple chose not to have a large family since Ksenia intended to return to work after caring for her cub.

The issue was that she got pregnant again so quickly after giving birth to her first kid, and then she kept becoming pregnant.

At the ripe old age of 32, this seven-cub mother gave birth.

She quit her job, took over the house, and Mikhail was left to handle the bills.

Theoretically, they had enough money to sustain a modest but not squalor existence.

At the age of 35, Ksenia told her husband that she was separating from him for an old classmate.

During the time Mikhail was abroad supporting his family financially, she met and fell in love with another man.

Ksenia handed up child care to Mikhail because she wanted to be completely independent.

The mother wasn’t intending to run away from her children; rather, she was merely tired of her routine and wanted to travel more to visit them.

The children were in a dreadful position without a mother, so at first he struggled more morally.

The guy was much less worried about his financial status because they were accustomed to saving.

Mikhail has recently entered his 41st year of life. It had been five years since he had last had any alone time.

He was angry and hostile toward his wife at the moment, but he finally forgave her.

The fact that Mikhail hasn’t developed any other deep relationships in his life is what worries him the most.

No ladies were interested in establishing a family with him after they learned how many children he already had.

Ksenia, though, is happy with her personal life despite recently divorcing a man she had wedded.

Having twins in less than five years.