Elvis Presley’s daughter died, how she lived and was in recent years


The daughter of the famous musician Elvis died recently, she was the only child of the legend. The day before his death, he took part in the “Golden Globe 2023” award ceremony, during which the film about his father was to be shown.

A few hours later, he was found unconscious in his room. However, after the doctors arrived, it was possible to resuscitate him and take him to the hospital.

However, everything went wrong and they could not save the woman’s life, she died. The news of his tragic death was spread by the singer’s mother. In the life of a woman there were as many difficult moments as love, she was married four times to Michael Jackson and Nicolas Cage.

Sadly, she got divorced, had health issues, even took drugs and lost her young son to suicide. Recently, she has been involved in philanthropy, creative pursuits and children.

She sold her father’s business, which could have been very profitable, despite the fact that her father had left a large inheritance for his daughter’s comfortable life. The singer has spent the past few years at her country home with her daughter and twins.

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