Dumped rabbit discovered clinging to his beloved teddy in a box


The very personal teddy bear of a little rabbit named Nigel is being used as a source of consolation.

The unfortunate animal’s folks abandoned him, leaving him in a cardboard box outside on his own in the freezing weather.

Without the battered teddy bear that serves as his closest companion, that is.

A box that appeared to be moving was discovered to be Nigel at the side of the road.

He was found inside the box hanging onto his teddy, and a compassionate rescuer discovered this and immediately called the RSPCA.

In order to find a forever home, he is now boarding there.

Immediately after checking in at the facility, a veterinarian came to see him and fortunately gave everyone the reassuring news that Nigel is well despite everything.

He is, nevertheless, still in shock by his experience and is turning to his teddy for solace while he gets used to his new temporary residence.

It’s fantastic that he has something to hold onto and that gives him comfort after everything he’s been through.

He brings his teddy around because he is quite connected to it.

He presumably associates the bear with his previous residence before being orphaned.

His beloved buddy and source of security is this cutie bear.

He will quickly locate a warm home for both himself and his animal companion.