Connection between this dog and a saved calf is unbreakable


Sky the Australian Shepard is very dedicated to his role as this calf’s older brother. This unlikely couple has a bond that is inspiring, whether it’s spending time together while he was ill or playing in the backyard.

The Gentle Barn’s owners had no idea what they were getting themselves into when they rescued this calf from the slaughterhouse.

This calf, weighing 50 pounds and just one week old, was ill and in desperate need of assistance. Ellie Laks and Jay Weiner brought him into their home rather than leaving him in the barn.

They nursed the ill calf back to health and set up an oxygen tent in the living room. Sky, their family’s Australian Shepard, slept next to the recovering infant.

John Lewis Thunderheart, who was given that name by supporters and donors online, weighs 350 pounds today and is still growing.

He stays in the house because it’s hard for the family to separate him from Sky, his best friend.

Despite the fact that they don’t quite play in the same way, they manage to play together in the backyard and make it work in some way. They still enjoy playing and frolicking together all over the backyard.

Rarely do you come across such a singular animal couple. Laks and Weiner will soon have to decide if they can live in the house with a cow because of their strong, unbreakable bond.