Christie Brinkley shared how to look 35 at 68


Women always struggle to stay young and beautiful. Everyone wants to be taken care of regardless of their age. They follow fashion, use cosmetics, beauty products and choose clothes that hide their physical flaws.

Every woman has her beauty secrets. But it’s not just about appearance, but about the inner state and ideas about life.

Christie Brinkley, known on the internet as a “trendy grandma”, is 68 but feels 35. Surprisingly, the photos in which she is depicted in her youth are almost no different from today.

During her youth, a photographer noticed her and invited her for a photo shoot. After some time, the director of the model agency was fascinated by her photos. Christie was then invited to work with several fashionable clothing and cosmetic brands of the time.

She is married and has three children, but at the same time she starred in films and modeled clothes. In addition, it also deals with the protection of people and animals.

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