Bear spotted unwinding “just like a human” on a throwaway couch


When Mandy  went to a waste in Northern Manitoba to look for animals, she noticed something that made her go for her camera right away.

Just like a person, a bear was unassumingly relaxing on a broken-down sofa.

Bears in the landfill are a reasonably typical sight, but one acting like a drowsy father on a Sunday night is not.

With one leg lazily crossing across the other and one elbow lying on the armrest, the animal was lounging in a surprisingly human-like manner.

There was also a broken TV in front of him, Stantic said CBC. He was obviously preparing for a TV show binge!

He only lacked a remote control or possibly a glass of wine in the other arm.

Stantic speculates that he could have been unwinding following a heavy dinner, and let’s face it, we can all identify to that.

She informed Mashable that the animal must have been in an urge to unwind after finishing his meal since he went up on the couch to find a comfy position.

Buddy, we’ve all been there. None compares to relaxing on the couch after a satisfying supper.

Maybe humans are more similar to bears than we realize. Share with your friends and family to make their day and fill it with love and light.