An orphan kitten who was very thin and completely exhausted turned into a sweet kitten who never misses a single meal


The orange kitten was an orphan because his mother abandoned him… When Emily Rakkova, an animal rescuer, was informed about a kitten who was having trouble eating from a bottle, she immediately came to pick him up.

The kitten really needed the help of an experienced bottle feeder. So 30 minutes later, Emily was there.

The little kitten was so hungry that she just gobbled up the milk like there was no tomorrow.

The kitten, named Eggnog, was given a full belly and warm place to sleep. It was then that he realized that he was in safe hands and that no danger threatened him anymore.

He was eating very well and playing all day. Soon his little body started to heal and he could already breathe more easily.

After two weeks of excellent care, Eggnog turned into a sweet kitten with no shortage of energy.

It was already time for new friends, so he was introduced to other cats to help socialize him easier.

Eggnog will play until he has no energy left. When Emily walks in, he always greets her warmly, standing on tiptoe.

The sweet tabby will not miss any tasty treat. He showed an amazing will to live from the very first day and now he just adores life, enjoying every minute of it to the fullest.

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