After hard days on the cold streets, two “kindred spirits” met each other and till now can’t stop cuddling


We want to tell you about a sweet duo, who managed to melt millions of hearts already. It’s about Cinder and Bridger McPure, who simply adore each other and are always inseparable.

They are part of Mojo’s Hope, a non-profit rescue group in Anchorage, Alaska. Despite their many differences, they are both obsessed with cuddling and have become best friends in no time.

In 2015, a hiker rescued Cinder in the woods with her pup. He immdiately brought him to Mojo’s Hope, where they received all the care they needed.

They flourished day by day under the excellent care they received. After coming there, Cinder made a lot of friends, especially cats.
He seemed to be an extraordinary mentor to anyone who happened to be there.

Recently, a new kitten arrived, whom they named Bridger McPure. The rescuers found him outside, who wasunable to move his legs.

He needed urgent help. Taking care of him properly, a few days passed, and it’s true that Bridger’s legs still weren’t working properly, but he was glad that he wouldn’t sleep on the street anymore.

He roared incessantly, as if thanking everyine for saving him. After a few days, they decided to introduce Cinder to the cat and since he loved to cuddle, they were sure that the dog’s companionship and hugs would definitely help Bridger.

It was simply love at first sight for the babies.Seeing each other, they immediately hugged each other, not holding back their love for each other.

Since that day, the sweet duo has been inseparable. Bridger loves to snuggle up next to Cynder, gently touching his face with his paw. So sweet!!

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