After being adopted,pit bull Lady Shortcake just can’t stop smiling, melting the hearts of everyone who sees her


Agree that Lady Shortcake has the cutest smile ever. One of the reasons the 6-year-old pitbull had this smile was because he was adopted by a wonderful woman who gave him the life of his dreams.

This special expression of his is really unique and it is impossible to pass by him indifferently. Seeing this sweet smile, people immediately fall in love with this adorable puppy.

Everyone’s hearts melt just looking at him. He is already known all over the world and now enjoys his life to the fullest, but sadly his life has not always been like that.

Rescuers found the puppy wandering alone on the streets of Fresno, California, in need of an immediate care. He was suffering from a hernia and severe bruising, so he was rushed to a local shelter.

Shortcake was scared and looked very nervous at first, but it gradually faded as he realized he was in safe hands. He started feeling better day by day. One day a woman named Matsushima saw the dog at the shelter and knew she should adopt him.

“He looked very miserable at first, but his smile, it just hit my heart, and I was sure I had to take him home.”

And it’s been five years since that day, the sweet dog lives in a very loving home, in such a perfect family that he couldn’t even dream of.

After a few months, his skin was completely healed and he felt much better, as evidenced by his wider smile. Now Shortcake is just enjoying every minute of his life and we are so happy for him…

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