After a heartbreaking tragedy the couple couldn’t hold back the tears, when they met their new dog


Ada and Miguel Rojas couldn’t have been more excited when they were met the puppy.

It all happened after the tragedy that left their dog and they were both in the hospital..

It was a week ago when the couple went out for a walk with their beloved chihuahua named Gucci.

Suddenly, two stray bulldogs attacked them, after which unfortunately the puppy was seriously injured and died.

Both of them were hospitalized. 84-year-old Ada received 100 stitches as she tried in every way to save her dog from aggressive dogs.

88-year-old Miguel was also hospitalized because of high bIood pressure.

What happened with their dog just broke their hearts and it seemed like nothing would make them happy till they met the new puppy. Their daughter decided to surprise them by giving the couple a dog.

When Ada their daughter brought the puppy home to her parents, they both started crying. When the little puppy was placed in Miguel’s arms, he said at that moment that he was “both happy and sad.”…

Ada is extremely happy and excited that her parents already have a new puppy and she is sure that he will bring them lots of love.

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