A woman finds out that her garden flowers have become hotel for tiny frogs


When the last of the snow melts and vibrant flowers begin to bloom, people in Snohomish, Washington, know it’s spring. But for Allison Lamb, the first sign is always a group of noisy but adorable neighbors.

Lamb stated to The Dodo, “We know when spring has arrived when we can hear all the frogs begin to croak.”

Lamb says that the frogs that come to her home and business, Snohomish Lavender Farm, are a lot of them and very active.

“I have a few blossoms that line my home, and they will scale the walls,” Sheep said, “and they get up in my hanging bloom bins.”

Lamb has even been known to spot a few frogs hopping around her house.

But one day, while looking at her flower garden, she was surprised to see a frog doing something she had never seen before: resting in one of her dahlias, which was much-needed.

Lamb stated, “I was delighted to find a frog sleeping in one of my dahlias.”

Lamb has over 200 dahlia plants on her farm, and she was pleased to learn that the flowers not only provide bees with pollen but also serve as frogs’ ideal lodging space.

“I kept seeing more and more as the summer progressed,” Lamb stated, “and you can watch the frogs snuggled up in their hotel here.”

On some days, I could find more than ten different kinds of frogs hiding in my flowers.

Lamb and her children spend the majority of their mornings in their flower garden looking for Pacific tree frogs in the spring and summer.

For their purposes, the meeting frogs are a wellspring of energy and diversion. However, the frogs aren’t just having fun when they burrow into the dahlias’ tiny petal cavities.

They are essential to the survival of the flower garden, particularly the dahlias. Lamb stated, “The frogs eat the bad bugs for me.” Obviously, Lamb’s flower garden is home to more than just the frogs.

Lamb stated, “The bees will sleep in my dahlias over night, I find little spiders taking shelter as well, and the year before, I found little gardener snakes up in my flowers.”

I also have a praying mantis, several salamanders, and caterpillars are everywhere in late summer. Lamb, on the other hand, prefers the frogs huddled within her flowers.

She is always sad to see them go at the end of the summer because she loves to see their tiny, green heads poking out of the petals as they sleep.

Lamb stated, “They remain in the flowers throughout the season until the first frost comes and the flowers die.”

Lamb is aware that the frogs will return in the spring, despite the fact that they leave when it gets too cold. She also hopes that her flower hotel will host even more guests the following year.