A newborn kitten was waiting in a box for someone to finally come and help him when he was spotted by a kind woman


The stray kitten decided to wait for someone to finally come get him.

A kind woman from San Francisco made a temporary home out of a large box and blankets for the strays. As the holidays approached, a stray cat with her kittens appeared there, deciding to stay there.

One day, however, when the woman went to check on the family, she noticed that only one kitten was left there and it seemed to be waiting for someone to come.

Joyce then decided to take the kitten into her home, naming her Peppermint. At first, the kitten would hide in places they didn’t even know existed.

One day they thought that the cat had left the house and would never come back, but as it turned out, Peppermint was in her secret hiding place. According to Joyce, who has raised many cats, Peppermint is the best at hiding.

When he reappeared, Joyce decided to put a pet tracker on him for his safety, but after only a few weeks Peppermint realized he could trust people and moved from his hiding places to the pillows.

Soon, when he got the luxuries of life, delicious food, comfortable beds, he stopped hiding and became bolder.

Peppermint now rests with his people, doing everything for their attention. He loves to cuddle and rub his face in their hands.

He already understands that he is in safe hands and will not have to worry about food and a place to sleep.

He simply enjoys every moment of life, continuing to blossom day by day. We are happy to note that in January he will go to his eternal home to continue living his dream life.

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