A man found a trunk in an abandoned house, and when he opened it he realized he would no longer work


This man had been looking for a house for his family for a long time. In the end, he chose an abandoned building where no one had lived for years.

Then he started to restore the house with the support of the construction team. First, the workers dismantled the ceiling and removed the floors, and here the real estate owner was surprised.

They found a chamber under the old boards. From its appearance, it could be seen that it had been there for more than a century and people knew about it.

The builders informed the buyer about it and then they came to remove it. The box was quite heavy, so they used ropes. They tried to open it but it was not so easy. Since it was very rusty, they had to use tools.

When I finally managed to open it, something strange appeared. There was a large amount of ingots and later it turned out that it was all silver, which was a very large amount.

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