A creative engineer from USA turned his old airplane into a super comfortable and cozy place


Bruce Campbell, who is an American engineer, once decided to turn his old airplane into a big house.

It is located in the woods of Hillsborough County, nnear Portland. Of course, it wasn’t all that easy, because he spent more than 10 years to make his dream house look like tհis.

It is a huge plane, 40meters long and 4meters wide. This man, the owner of a quite strange hobby, bought this house for 100 thousand dollars, then changed its floor, turning it into a transparent and cool floor.

He has always dreamed of such a project for years, so the day finally came that he began his journey to finally make it happen.

This huge and quite comfortable house has all the necessary conditions that a person needs to live.

This is simply an incredible masterpiece, which has also become a workspace for him, where many new and brilliant ideas are born.

This person also managed to design a shower room, a toilet, a dining room and a bedroom, which turned out really well.

He managed to find a perfect solution to realize his dream and was able to prepare a comfortable place for himself.

He mentioned that he wants to paint the whole “house” in blue color, and that he cleans it once a week.

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