A 50-year-old became a surrogate mom for her daughter and became pregnant herself; the couple now has twin daughters


An unusual occurrence had place in the American state of Minnesota: two sets of children who had different moms turned out to be genetic twins and very identical to one another.

Even if there are scientific reasons for it, doctors who saw the mothers give birth to their babies informed the press that they had never seen anything like it before in their career.

The entire ordeal began in the household of Kyle Pierce and his wife Kelsey since the woman had been unable to conceive for a number of years and the distraught pair had begun making preparations for IVF.

The pair was in no rush to decide, however, as the treatment may have a negative impact on Kelsey’s health.

Lisa, the mother of the kid, was really concerned for her and made every effort to support her.

One day she read a story about how the mother of an infertile kid assisted a couple in conceiving a child who was genetically related to them, and she made the decision to follow this example.

This idea was welcomed by Kyle and Kelsey, and Lisa soon used artificial insemination to become pregnant.

The family, however, received shocking news a month later: Kelsey is also pregnant as a result of the couple’s own successful attempts.

After more than six months, both ladies gave birth to daughters who, it turns out, are more alike than many siblings or even identical twins.

Everly Rose and Ava Ray, the kids’ names, are currently being raised by a large, devoted family.

Local specialists expressed a keen interest in this situation and reached an understanding with the parents of the “twins” over a number of genetic examinations that are appropriate for females.

During their course, it was discovered that the sisters’ genetic makeup is virtually same, in addition to being similar in appearance as befits siblings.

The majority of the chromosomal set’s characteristics came from Lisa and Kelsey.