9-year-old boy began feeding street animals: He already owns his own home at the age of thirteen


13-year-old Kenny is the owner of his own animal sanctuary.

However, it goes without saying that creating a shelter for stray cats and dogs takes time.

When Kenny was nine years old, he saw a group of stray dogs on his way to school.

The child wished to assist them. Kenny started saving his parents’ money for his pocket. He did it so he could purchase food for stray pets.

The young man fed a group of people who lived near to his school.

Naturally, a nine-year-old kid wouldn’t be able to keep his non-payment for lunches in the school canteen a secrecy from his family for very longer.

Later, Kennie’s dad pursued his son. The dad was affected and proud of the boy as he observed him doing what he was doing.

He took a lot of pictures and uploaded them online. Little Kenny had performed so many good acts that people started to donate animals to him.

The refuge was created by these actions. The Kennie’s shelter opened its doors in 2014.

The shelter is a real asset that a young person developed with parental help and funds through social media.

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