15-year-old boy adopted 6-legged dog, saving him from possible euthanasia


Roo is also called “kangaroo” only because he jumps on his hind legs. The point is that instead of using quadrupeds like most animals, he leans on its hind legs while the other legs remain in the air.

All this is the result of the fact that the baby was born with 6 legs. Because of this, he has some difficulties in moving and not doing it like a normal dog.

When 15-year-old Luke saw Ro for the first time, he knew he should adopt him. Their family knew very well what would happen to such dogs if the breeder could not find a forever home for them.

Therefore, the family wanted to bring the dog to their home. When they went there, the dog started jumping towards so excitedly, as if he was waiting for them all that time. Despite his disability, he was very active and full of life.

Luke and Roo immediately became inseparable friends. As for Luke, he knows all too well what it means to feel like an outsider.

The thing is that he was constantly bullied at school because of his skin disease. Now he has a great friend, and so does Roo.

Besides that, Roo also has other new friends too, as the family also have a dog ,two cats and a rabbit.

He is now enjoying his life to the fullest, surrounded by the love of his family. It is true that his two extra legs prevent him from walking normally, but they actually do not cause any pain.

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