Wonderful mom leopard teaches one of her confused babies how to cross the road in South Africa


Everyone is unhappy when there is a traffic jam, especially if you are in a hurry.

But if you’re traveling through Kruger National Park in South Africa, one of the world’s most dangerous but also most beautiful places where wild animals roam free, it’s a good thing.

Locals and tourists alike can spot these wild animals as they travel the reserve’s wide road: rhinos, lions, elephants, or leopards.

A family lately had the wonderful opportunity to witness such a scene as they crossed this road.

The father Thinus Delport made a sarcastic request to their daughters to sing loudly that morning as they left their camp in the hope of seeing leopards.

They did so, and to their surprise, a beautiful view appeared before them. They first saw a traffic jam, and then they realized that the culprit was a family of leopards.

One of the young leopards, confused and scared, stopped in the middle of the road as an adorable mom leopard and her 2 amazing cubs attempted to cross the road.

Mama leopard realized that her cub had not followed her, so she had to return. She seemed to whisper something in the baby’s ear to persuade her to not be afraid and follow her.

The cubs were tough and looked tired, but they decided to cross the road and go into the brush to trust their mother, who is always there for them.

In the long run, the grand panther and her offsprings went across the street effectively. The Delport daughters seized the opportunity to capture some stunning images of the elusive cat.

Please watch the video below with the wonderful family of leopards!