When the injured dog realized that he was finally rescued, he was sobbing like a baby…


A woman who works at the railway station suddenly noticed a stray dog who was in a very bad condition.

Injured dog was calling for help, so Anna could not pass by indifferently.

The dog, which was later named Vova, seeing how they approached him, started moving his tail, as if realizing that he was finally going to be saved.

It seemed that the poor dog just wanted to tell everyone about the hard times he had been forced to go through.

After a few minutes kind people quickly took the dog to the hospital.

They revealed that his spine was completely severed and it was more terrifying than they imagined…

Fortunately, he was in safe hands and after a few days his health started to improve.

Despite this, of course, he still needed to continue treatment, which included acupuncture, so that he could be able to sit in a wheelchair.

We are sure that this wonderful dog, due to his tough spirit and courage, will soon walk again.

Every day he takes a new step in his new life, continuing to strengthen day by day.

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