When a pup that was thrown off a bridge with his mouth taped shut is reunited with him, he is overwhelmed with gratitude


Even pets cherish acts of compassion since they go a long way and are always appreciated.

Bob Hoelter made the choice one evening to walk rather than drive to his favorite shop. He heard a pathetic whine coming from below as he was crossing a bridge to get to the store.

To find the injured animal, he circled the bridge and walked below it. He was devastated to see a fearful dog with his lips sealed when he eventually did.

The poor pet’s prior owner had tossed him from the bridge. He brought the pup to the Griffith Animal Facility, which was the closest hospital, right away.

The dog’s care was given first attention by the clinic’s manager, Lori.

The rope around his snout had seriously injured the skin, so the first thing they did was remove it.

They administered him with shots and antibiotic cream. In addition, they found that the pup had a fractured limb that would need to be fixed through surgery.

They created a comfortable bed for the dog once the initial therapy was complete.

After the dog’s story made headlines, a local fam, The Wittings, chose to adopt the pup and gave him the name Louie.

They immediately fell in love with the animal right away.

His niece eventually came across the hospital’s Fb post about his story and helped bring the two of them together.

At that time, the individual who saved the dog was still an enigma because he just took him to the facility and left without giving his identity.

The dog hurried to give his hero as much affection as he could when they were at last reconnected as a way of saying “thank you” to the guy who had rescued him.

His face was constantly being licked by Louie. Louie wasn’t supposed to know who his idol was, but dogs never cease to amaze us.

Louie currently resides with the Wittings, his new fam, but we are confident that he will never lose gratitude for the individual who rescued his life.