When a picture of a nurse comforting a 5-year-old patient after surgery appeared on the Internet, it immediately went viral


It hasn’t been the easiest year for Slade Thomson, who was only 5 years old, as he was preparing for his second surgery.

It was in 2019 when he was transferred to UPMC Susquehanna Hospital in Pennsylvania for surgery.

The last time he was there was for tonsillectomy. All the while, his mother, Leila, waited nervously while her son was operated on.

She felt very uneasy and the only thing hse wanted was for his son to feel safe there.

Once Slade was awake from surgery, the nursing team had to go to him to check his vitals before Leyla was allowed into her son’s room.

So when they got to the boy, one of the nurses Annie, told the boy that it wasn’t time for his mother to be there with him yet, and… that’s when he asked her for a favor…

When her mother entered Slade’s hospital room, what she saw moved her so much that she decided to take a picture of them capturing the adorable moment.

When their picture went viral, it literally set the internet on fire, receiving thousands of warm words from all over the world.

“Besided care providing comfort for our patients is also quite important for us,” wrote one of the employees.

“It’s wonderful nurses like Annie Hagger who show true compassion to our patients makin’ them calm and happy.”

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