When a guy opened a trunk he discovered in an abandoned home, he learned he didn’t have to work again


A guy had spent a lot of time looking for a home that he could buy for his family.

He went with a structure that had been vacant for a long time.

A construction team assisted the buyer as they started the home’s restoration.

Workers started by removing the flooring and ceiling, and the owner of the home was in for a shock.

A little trunk that was securely secured was hidden behind the rusted planks.

It was obvious from the trunk’s look that it had been buried beneath the floor for at least a century.

And not many individuals were aware of it.

When the purchaser came at the construction site, the builders attempted to remove the find from below after informing him of the discovery.

Ropes were utilized because the crate was fairly heavy.

Next, the discovery was opened by the employees. Since every fastener had long since corroded, it was difficult.

They had to make use of a tool. Something sparkling could be seen beneath as the lid finally gave way.

Ingots were piled high in the chest. Nine thousand of them were present.

Later, it was discovered that the chest had genuine silver within.

The item was worth twenty million rubles after investigation, it was discovered.