Walking out from the bushes, the sweet tabby told his rescuer that he was ready to “go home”


Coming out of the bushes to the kind woman, he seemed to say that he was ready to go to his forever home.

Donna, who is an animal rescuer, suddenly noticed an orange cat hiding in the bushes, who was very timid at first, but slowly began to warm to her.

She decided to take the cat with him, naming him Ollie. After taking the tabby home, she fed him and then let him rest.

The next day they went to the vet together to receive necessary treatmens. Then Donna took him home, introducing him his new comfortable space.

After a very short time, Ollie got used to his new home, where he had everything he needed.

His appetite was completely restored and he started eating like a real champion.

“After eating, he seemed to approach me and give me some love, showing that he was very grateful.”

In a very short time Ollie turned into a very sweet cat. He loved sitting next to Donna to get her attention and hugs.

He seemed to feel like the happiest boy ever, feeling how loved he was.

After a while, Donna realized that Ollie needed a permanent companion, so she wanted to give him a perfect family that would love and care for him forever.

A few days later, she learned that one of his friens named Joe wanted to adopt a cat.

When Donna showed him the photos of the cat, he simply fell in love.So the very next day Ollie went to his new home and joined his big big family, for which he was so excited…

Everything turned out just perfect!!

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