‘Upset and stressed’ sanctuary feline named Fishtopher becomes internet star and finds a forever home


There are a lot of animals in shelters, and all of them are desperate to find new homes. In addition, merely exposing a person’s name and face can sometimes be the most important step toward adoption.

Additionally, a select few lucky sanctuary animals become viral stars and attract the public’s attention.

That was the story of a cat named “Fishtopher,” who charmed people with his melancholy expression and his search for a new home.

Presently, this “discouraged” feline has a grin all over subsequent to getting adopted!

On Thanksgiving weekend, Back home Bound Pet Reception Community, a sanctuary in New Jersey, advanced a few of their felines who were searching for a permanent spot for these special seasons.

However, there was one particular cat who rose to prominence very quickly. Fishtopher, a 5-year-old cat, quickly became a viral sensation thanks to his adorable bizarre name and distinctively sad appearance.

Fishtopher was found as a stray, and according to the rescue, he has been “out of sorts at the shelter” and may be “missing his family.”

In the cat’s bio, the shelter stated, “He is very sad and stressed and will only eat when he has company.”

Fishtopher’s bio was tweeted by Molly Clarke, who also offered to cover the adoption fees and motivated her followers to “go get Fishtopher.”

Fishtopheris an affectionate boy who loves to be petted. Please come rescue our big loveable boy!

Fortunately, the sad cat received some good news quickly. Fishtopher’s adoption was announced on November 26 by Homeward Bound as a result of his viral fame.

They wrote, “His new parents came all the way from Baltimore to adopt him.” Even better, Fishtopher’s attention helped relocate several other shelter cats to new homes.

It appeared from the picture that Fishtopher’s spirits had already been raised: Fishtopher’s new proprietors educated of him through his viral online entertainment post.

The Washington Post reports that Laura Folts, 22, saw the tweet and sent it to Tanner Callahan, her partner.

According to Laura’s statement to the Post, “we had been talking about Tanner adopting a cat or dog since he moved into his new (bigger) place, and had a trend of me sending cute animals as a joke.”

The couple drove from Baltimore to New Jersey after Tanner submitted an application and discovered that they weren’t the only ones interested in bringing this cat home.

Laura told Insider, “I think a lot of people came in wanting to see him,” stating that they left early to be first in line.

Additionally, approximately eight or nine of the initial ten people who attended the open were there to see Fishtopher. So they could all pet him. However, we were fortunate enough to bring him home.

Insider reports that Fishtopher had a positive test result for the feline immunodeficiency virus. The cat, on the other hand, has been adjusting well to his new home in spite of that health problem.

The couple set up an IG and Twitter record to keep Fishtopher’s fans refreshed on his future undertakings. They say he goes by the nicknames “Fishy” and “Mister Fishter,” but they are keeping his rare name.

Even though Fishtopher was once referred to as “sad and depressed,” it is evident that he is now much happier in his new home!

We are so glad Fishtopher found a home; we are confident that he will be in good hands and will be much happier from this point forward.

It is a touching tale that serves as a reminder to think about adopting pets from shelters: Like Fishtopher, there are numerous cats whose lives could be altered by a loving family.