This lady breaks into animal sanctuary to rescue her dog from euthanasia


Dogs are a member of the family no matter what. The majority of dog owners work hard to train their dogs because we always see the good in them.

However, not everyone sees our dogs as the angels we know and adore.  And more frequently than with any other dog, Pit Bull owners frequently make the worst-case scenario assumption.

Hazel, Toya Stewart’s Pit Bull, had some aggression issues with strangers, but she was a sweetheart with her family.

The city ordered the dog to be put down rather than giving Stewart a chance to train her and keep her out of trouble. As a result, Stewart took control of the situation.

Stewart brought Hazel home when she was just two months old. Her life’s challenges, including an abusive relationship and homelessness, were supported by the dog.

Sadly, Hazel bit the mailman and a small dog, despite being a loving dog to her family all her life. Hazel was deemed dangerous in Oklahoma City after several bites.

She was taken by Oklahoma City Animal Welfare after she was told to be killed. Stewart stated that the dog was protecting Stewart rather than denying Hazel’s actions.

Like most dogs, additional training might have been beneficial. Stewart stated, “She doesn’t deserve it, and they knew I loved her.” Why would you kill someone you cared so much about?”

Stewart therefore made the decision to try to save her dog rather than letting it die. After inspecting the shelter’s property with a drone, she broke in.

She was able to save Hazel after making two unsuccessful attempts. In order to free the dog, she broke a window and pry open the kennel door.

Hazel followed her as she climbed under the fence outside. Stewart stated, “I just wanted my dog. I didn’t want to break any laws, I didn’t want to hurt anyone.”

Before the police found them, Stewart and Hazel were able to stay at home for a few more days. Stewart was taken to jail while they returned Hazel to the shelter.

So far, no charges have been brought. Stewart stated, “I couldn’t let her die that way.” I had no choice but to inform her that I had tried everything for her.

Despite Stewart’s best efforts, Hazel was still put to death in accordance with the judge’s orders. They did not give Stewart her body to bury, which breaks Stewart’s heart.

She is likely to be charged, but the death of her dog is all she can think about right now. Stewart claims that she would do it all over again in a heartbeat, despite the tragic outcomes.

She demonstrated to Hazel that she would do anything to save her and that spending more time with her dog was well worth it.

Although many dog owners would have acted in a similar manner if they were in her position, some people may not comprehend her dedication to her pet.