This is real happiness see how Merkulov’s quintuplets live as they are already 3 years old


The married couple Alex and NastyaMerkulov gave birth to 5 kids simultaneously in the summer of 2017. In the end, five kids were born, despite everyone’s expectations of four.

This did not bother the young parents in any way as if there weren’t 4, there would have been five! As a result, the couple had a long-term goal of having a child, but it didn’t come to pass.

Anastasia believed she was responsible for this. Therefore, every pregnancyresulted in a miscarriage. Nastya informed her spouse Sasha in 2016 that she was pregnant once more.

Luckily, the mom was getting ready for a scheduled caesarean section, and the pregnancy was preserved until 32weeks this period.

She experienced a great deal of trauma during this procedure because her mother was extremely weak and the doctors were literally fighting for her life.

The shocked doctor came to the ward when her health improved and said, “Nastia, you must survive.”
You will be joined by 5 adorable kids.

“Because their long-cherished wish had come true, the Merkulovs were overjoyed. They were frequently asked how they managed to have so many small kids.

When the kids were young, Nastia managed on her own, with help from her spouse after work.

After six months, Alexander planned a trip to help his wife when the babies started to crawl. Thus, the quintuplets have been born three years ago.