This German Shepherd surprisingly was able to tread water for at least 11 hours saving his owner’s life


Everyone in Brisbane was shocked by the brave German Shepherd’s heroism. The dog’s efforts to survive 11 hours in the water led to her owner’s rescue.

Some fishermen noticed the German Shepherd and thought something wasn’t right because it kept swimming around floating objects.

They requested assistance by calling the Moreton Bay police department, which responded right away. After that, a helicopter, four police boats, and Coast Guard vessels joined them in carrying out the rescue.

The drained dog was initially removed from the water and taken to the nearby vet clinic. The dog, whose name was Heidi, thankfully did not suffer any injuries.

A couple of moments later, in the wake of saving the canine, the salvage group viewed as Heidi’s proprietor, too. The elderly man was ascending the sunk boat.

He later stated that his 13.5-foot vessel began to sink after taking on water and losing power. He and his clever dog were separated at that very instant.

Since that time, Heidi had been swimming for eleven hours before the fishman noticed her. Fortunately, the owner was not only saved but also unharmed.

So, his brave and obedient dog was the reason he was still alive. The police department issued a safety alert for anyone traveling offshore shortly after this incident. Please watch the video below!