This dog has been in a shelter for 1,250 days he ‘howls with joy’ when finally gets adopted


Bowie, a lovable pit bull, spent his early life at the Gateway Pet Guardians shelter in St. Louis. When he was a puppy, he was adopted out and returned a few months later.

The puppy sat there for months, waiting for another person to give him a chance. The staff at the shelter adored the dog and lavished him with affection and treats.

However, they were aware that Bowie needed a permanent home. He was eventually adopted by a foster family so that he could at least re-learn how to live as a pet.

After two and a half years, no one had offered to adopt him. Bowie is a very good boy, so there is no reason not to want him.

The only drawbacks are that he must be the only pet in the house and that he is scared of children. Aside from that, he is just another dog that often gets overlooked.

Brittany Fleming, placement manager for Gateway Pet Guardians, told WKYC News, “He’s a great dog that is very well trained and just needs someone to give him a chance.”

The dog’s “friend” even agreed to pay for his adoption fee. Still no interest. In the end, the shelter decided that Bowie required his own publicity campaign.

Fleming stated to KMOV, “We need help from the public to help find this guy a home.” Bowie has a large fan base who are rooting for him, so the person who adopts him or her will inherit a large number of new friends.

“Once Bowie’s story moved the shelter’s social media followers, he received a flood of applications! In order to find Bowie the ideal home, the shelter had to sort through forty adoption applications.

In the hope that they would be a good match, the shelter invited a woman by the name of Briana to meet Bowie.

“We thought it was a perfect fit for a sensitive guy like Bowie that sometimes just needs a little extra time to warm up to strangers,” the rescue told 5 On Your Side.

The social worker does not have children or pets, and her roommate is a dog trainer. At the end of August, Bowie went to his new house, and it was as if he knew he was finally going to see his family.

When Bowie left with his new mother, the shelter posted a video of him crying with happiness. In the video, a member of the staff asks,

“You’re getting adopted; are you ready?” Yes, he is indeed prepared! Bowie had already been in foster care for 1,250 days.

This kid longs to return home. With a loud howl and a tail shake, Bowie responds.

According to WKYC, Bowie’s adoption fee was covered by “one of his fans,” and he and his new owner receive four free sessions of in-home private training and a professional photoshoot.

Mom is holding his belongings and signing off on the final paperwork, but Bowie is pretty impatient to see his new digs.

Additionally, it is fairly evident that he was born ready for his close-up: The sanctuary said they’ve proactively gotten news that Bowie is doing perfect in his new home:

“We’ve previously gotten several #adoptedlife updates, and nothing unexpected Bowie’s new mom is now ruining him spoiled. She is fantastic!

BoBo, happy tails! This is due to you!” On Facebook, they wrote. Bowie has clearly found a wonderful place to call home, and we are so glad he has. What a wonderful conclusion for everyone.