This adorably cute baby crashes daddy’s concert


There are plenty of videos on the internet showing that babies enjoy music. Babies from all over the world begin to dance to that beat, which makes us all smile.

Even for the smallest among us, music exerts a tremendous amount of power. Baby Ethan is getting views on YouTube.

At his father’s most recent concert, the 17-month-old child took the stage in a flurry. When Ethan’s dad, country singer Coffey, took the stage at a New Year’s Eve event, he had no idea what was going on.

While the audience clapped along, Coffey stood on stage and played an upbeat song on his acoustic guitar. Despite the packed auditorium, one fan stole the show.

Ethan, the infant, dashed onto the stage to wrap his legs around his father. Coffey continued to sing and smile as the crowd collectively exclaimed, “Awww.”

The audience cheers louder as Ethan moves away and starts waving his hand in the air. While his baby takes the spotlight, Coffey continues to sing like an actual professional.

When the audience notices the adorable little guy, they cheer louder and louder. As he continues to play, he smiles and bounces on the stage as he looks over at his son.

The infant gives his mother a fist bump as he runs backstage to her. At the end of the song, tiny Ethan returns to his father.

As the crowd cheers and claps for baby Ethan, Coffey thanks them. The entire video consists of a single touching scene that is certain to make you smile.