The Zoo welcomes newborn twin cubs, who are receiving excellent care from their fantastic mommy


It is so sad to realize how some animals are disappearing. The point is that we, the people, are the main reason for all this.

Even our contempt for nature leads to the destruction of nature. Instead of caring about the environment, we do the opposite.

So we must act quickly to protect them. There are various organizations that spare no effort to save endangerd species, who also encourage people to act responsibly and at least help in some way.

Among them is the Toledo Zoo in Ohio, which cares for endangered species, thus contributing to their increase in numbers.

Recently, they announced the birth of an animal, which was very exciting for everyone.

The zoo kept two polar bears in order to mate them. So Crystal, a 23-year-old polar bear, recently gave birth to her 8th and 9th cubs.

Everyone was very happy with this fantastic news, which the zoo announced on its Facebook page.

The birth of twin babies was very surprising, as it is the first case in the last decade.

There is no better news for them than the birth of two babies at once.

People all over the world were sending them their warm comments, thanking all the zoo staff and also mom for bringing these cubs to life.

Crystal takes such a wonderful care of her babies as if they were her first ones. Just a fantastic mom.

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