The senior dog, who was abandoned at the age of 18, has now become a real star on the Internet


They decided to abandone their dog when he was already 18 years old…

The blind dog was simply thrown into an animal shelter, all alone and frightened.

At that time, a volunteer named Elaine came to her aid, who, knowing about this dog, wanted to visit him.

As soon as he came to the dog and started showing him his attention, Muneka got so excited that he immediately jumped into her arms.

He seemed to be telling her. “Never leave me, please.” Thanks to her, for the first time the frightened dog stated feeling safe.

It was such a heartwarming moment and luckily the camera caught it. Their photos immediately became a hit on the Internet.

People all over the world expressed their concern for the abandoned old dog, including FrostedFaces, a foundation, that provids veterinary care to elderly animals in need.

When they saw the photo of the dog, they knew they had to get Muneka out of there as soon as possible. So before they could find a foster home for him, they brought him to the vet.

Fortunately, the dog had no serious problems other than his eyesight. Muneka was already so famous that the Internet was flooded with requests from people who wanted to help him or give him a forever home.

Once unwanted by her former family, he is now a true star. So, out of the thousands of applications they received, they chose the one they thought suited him best.

She was Amy Gunn who went there the next day to meet the sweet dog. It was simply love at first sight as the two instantly bonded, just a perfect match.

Now Muneka is in his new sweet home, where he enjoys hot baths and wonderful trips to the beach. With his new loving family the sweet doggie will never feel alone.

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