The security guards of the mall end up fawning over pup they were supposed to kick out


Andrea Neira was working in a shop at the Real Plaza Centro Civico mall in Peru a few days ago when she noticed something.

A random puppy was lying comfortably on the mall’s cool walkway tiles near her store.

However, it appears that Neira was not the only one who observed. Two mall security guards, presumably sent to remove the calm dog from the walkway or at least move him there, came up to him as Neira watched.

However, the dog was not about to make things any easier.Neira told, “The guards attempted to get him out, obviously softly.”

The dog rolled around with his belly up, making it harder to grab him. The dog saw it as nothing more than a game. As it turned out, it also became one for the guards.

They soon fell in love with the very dog they were supposed to get rid of:

This continued for some time. Neira stated, “They were very good with the puppy.” They stroked him, scoured his tummy, etc.

“Unfortunately, Neira was on the clock, so she couldn’t stop and film the scene for too long to see how things turned out.

It would appear that only those two security guards were able to pet the dog, giving the impression that it was part of their job.

Neira lamented, “The pup fell to the floor and they just remained there.” I was at work, so I wasn’t able to go and pet him.