The rescued kitty began to flourish and trust people when a shelter cat took him under his wing…


Born in the street, the kitten finally began to trust people when he met a resident cat. He immediately transformed to the sweetest kitty and did not stop giving warm hugs to everyone…

The kitten, named Cleo, was left all alone after being abandoned by her mother. She was found by a group of kind volunteers and, and not finding his mother, they decided to take him under their care.

The kitten was very weak, so they started feeding him with a bottle, providing round-the-clock care for him.

After a few days, their efforts paid off and Cleo began to gain strength and they finally breathed a sigh of reIief.

The sweet kitty has already come out of her shell, starting to explore everything around her. They realized that she already needed a permanent companion.

One day, Cleo met Polar, who had also been rescued from the street and brought to the shelter. The sweet cat has already started helping other kittens in need, showing them the love he received from kind people.

When they met, Polar took the little kitty right under his wing and took his duties quite seriously. With his great encouragement, Cleo flourished day by day.

He started playing with other foster animals as well, but she always ended up coming back to cuddle with Polar.

She seems to be a small shadow of Polar, thanks to whom she has grown into a great personality with much more to give.

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