The only thing the stray cat asked for was love and care and he finally found his way to his perfect family


It was few months ago when the SparkIe Cat Rescue was notified of a cat which was in need of immediate help.

This sweet baby was not like the others, because he constantly wanted to approach people. He clearly didn’t belong on the streets.

It’s true that Sparkle Cat Rescue was eager to help him, but it was pretty full at the time.

At that time, volunteer Rachel and her husband contacted them to help and immediately came to take the cat.

The cat was named Fuller and he quickly adapted to his new place. There he had delicious food, water and lots of toys.

Slowly he came out of his shell, and not even 24 hours had passed since his rescue, but Fuller had already warmed to his adoptive parents.

He couldn’t get enough of hugs and extended his neck to be petted all the time.

Fuller is now enjoying his life to the fullest and has endless love in his heart.

The former dirty and disheveled kitty that was wandering the streets some time ago has now become the sweetest and most loving cat ever.

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