The man saved the life of the little owl who got stuck between the branches of the tree


A little owl lived on a tree, but people didn’t notice it when they cut it down. But fortunately, a man who was transporting the trees, suddenly noticed the animal, which was stuck in the branches.

He decided to contact the Revensbeard wildlife center, who quickly came to pick up the owl. They soon realized that the bird was not a baby at.

It was a Sawwhet owl, which are considered the smallest owls in the Northeast. That is why they are quite difficult to spot.

The little animal was very hungry and dehydrated, but once under the care of the center, it quickly began to return to a normal life.

Once he is fully recovered, they will release the animal into their center’s wildlife area . He will have plenty of trees there and will choose his new home.

The sweet owl, named Rockefeller, will surely live out the rest of his life in the wild, whose life was saved thanks to many kind people. Thank you all for saving Rockefeller and giving him a second chance at life.

We are sure that many many happy years await him in his new “home”.

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