The loyal dog, even risking his life, ran all the way behind the ambulance, trying to be by his human’s side.


The camera managed to capture a little dog desperately running all the way behind the ambulance, trying to be by his owner’s side in that difficult moment.

It was such a heart-touching scene that it immediately went viral. It showed the big heart and boundless loyalty of the pet.

His name is Spike who is a stray puppy. The point is that his owner is also homeless and they both have nothing in this world but each other.

People once again witnessed what dogs are capable of for their loved ones. The ambulance team also witnessed a very touching scene when they were taking their man to the hospital. They will definitely never forget it.

At first, when the homeless patient was taken from the street to the hospital in an ambulance, they did not notice the little dog. Turned out he was running after the car all the time.

They didn’t realize at first that the dog that was chasing them was the man’s pet, otherwise they would have taken the dog with them and not left it alone on the street.

But happily they eventually spotted the dog and as soon as they realized what was happening, they immediately stopped at the intersection. As soon as the car stopped, the anxious dog immediately appeared in front of the ambulance.

It is obvious that the poor animal wanted to be by his owner’s side to support him in that difficult moment.

He was so worried about his owner’s condition that he could not think about anything else. He was even ready to risk his life trying to keep up with the ambulance.

The ambulance team, concerned about the safety of the stray dog, decided to take him with them.

At that moment, Spike quickly jumped up and immediately approached his human. He was really concerned about the welfare of his companion.

After reaching the hospital, the loyal dog was by his side the whole time.Fortunately, it turned out there that there was nothing serious about the homeless man’s health and after some time they left the hospital together.

The man did not have any material wealth, but he considered himself so rich because he has such a faithful and kind-hearted friend who is ready to do anything for his sake.

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