The love story of Léo and Hélène, a couple for 75 years


This couple was born the same year, the same day and even died together. Their life and so many coincidences seem to come out of a fictional film. But that’s the real story of Leo and Helen.

They met very young and began a romantic relationship at the age of eighteen.

The parents were against their marriage because the couple did not belong to the same social group. The rich parents of the boys were against choosing their son because the girl was from a poor family.

But the boy did not pay attention to all this and secretly married the girl he loved because she was the most beautiful girl for him. They died one after another at the age of 94. Their son said his mother didn’t want to live a day without her husband.

They were very happy together, their eyes shone when they looked at each other. They were very affectionate and warm towards each other. So, this story proved once again that there is real love in the world.

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