The little girl looks like a real doll


Today, there are various debates about whether children’s beauty contests should be held for too young beauties. This question is very important for parents. Many think that if their child has the opportunity to participate, why shouldn’t he conquer all the catwalks and fashion houses in the world?

This is the story of a young girl who started her career very early.

He does everything to achieve his dream. Many undoubtedly remember this wonderful girl with a doll-like appearance and excessive makeup, who knows all the secrets and secrets of modeling from childhood.

The girl’s name is Ira, she has very beautiful blue eyes and she is so beautiful that she is called “Living Barbie”. Still, her parents have been condemned many times, they say that the girl does not need such stress, to put on makeup every day, to do extremely complicated hairstyles.

Despite all this, she became the idol of many, she was even recognized on the street and asked for an autograph. The girl is still nine years old, but she no longer has the same popularity.

Ira still keeps her social pages where she doesn’t post pictures because she doesn’t want to remember what her doll looks like.

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