The large cat was not allowed to board the plane, but see how his clever owner managed to solve it!


There is a phrase that is wise: “We are accountable for those we have domesticated.”

That was what Exupery taught us, and for certain people, these statements are not only poetic.

Victor’s owner Mikhail shared a narrative with Facebook fans about his adventure with his pet.

The voyage was challenging!

Along the flight path Riga – Moscow – Vladivostok, a man was flying with his cat.

They traveled without incident from Riga to Moscow, but the cat found it difficult to deal with what was occurring and was quite concerned.

When Mikhail and his companion eventually arrived in the city, they checked in for the trip from Moscow to Vladivostok.

Here is when the real problems start to show up.


The inseparable companions of Victor were shocked to see a very severe airport worker.

She looked over everything before showing an interest in the cat. It needed to be considered, but the results would be negative.

The cat did, in fact, gain too much weight even before the travel. He could be unable to get to the salon because of his weight of up to 10 kg.

Because of this, the airport personnel intended to transfer Victor to the luggage area rather than letting him into the cabin.

Trying his best

The man was still resistant to the airport staff’s choice. He said that the cat might not be able to handle spending so long time in luggage because the prior flight’s pressure shift was unpleasant for the cat as well.

The cat’s owner had to watch to make sure it didn’t pass out. Rub the animal’s ears, clean up drool, and even administer a cold compress.

At times, Victor’s weakness caused him to go unconscious and risk suffocating. He demanded to be taken care of.

A great idea

He then noticed a different cat that resembled Victor and made the decision to weigh him instead of Victor a second time.

And they were successful with their trick!

Mikhail and Viktor could not be split apart, as was evident by the fact that they took a chance on their journey to be together.

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